VoIP Phone Systems

Hold the phone, here comes VoIP

VoIP Telephony allows small and medium-sized businesses to access the advanced and reliable communication setups that large companies utilize, but without the high costs and bulky equipment usually associated with it. L3T will give you enterprise grade telephony solutions at an affordable price.

Stop wasting your time with traditional landline phones. L3T offers VoIP telephony that has crystal clear voice quality and a host of other features. We’ll also be there to provide installation and support, so you know how to get the most out of it.

VoIP Telephony gives your business:

  • Lower costs - cut your telecommunication costs and phone bills
  • User friendly systems - a simple interface makes it easy for your staff to use
  • Reliability - ditch the phone company as we’ll be there to provide support
  • Flexibility - you can take calls on your office phone or laptop or have them forwarded to a mobile phone
  • Video capabilities - video conferencing and video calls make it easy to see what’s happening

Tired of high phone bills and the unreliable service of the phone company? VoIP Telephony from L3T is the answer you've been waiting to hear.